Zerihun Seyoum is an artist and painter born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Presently residing and working in Virginia, USA, he is known for his signature style, and concepts depicting the convergence of contemporary and traditional societies, blended into an emotive coalescent explosion of colours. Zerihun is a featured artist and participant in UNESCO’s: Mask Art - Creativity under lockdown, with solo and group exhibitions at galleries in the USA, Spain, Paris, France, Kenya, Ethiopia, London and Germany. Embellishing his creative expressions, Zerihun graduated from the Allé School of Fine Arts & Design at Addis Ababa University, and is popularly recognized for his ongoing series entitled, “Introduction III”.

Solo Exhibition

2017 ventana contemporary ibiza spain

2016 Madrid Hilton/Spain

2015 Bunni coffee house and Gallery, NYC

2015 Talisman Gallery, Kenya Nairobi

2014 Visiting Artist from Ethiopia One of Contemporary Art Gallery Kenya Nairobi

2012 Axum coffee house and gallery Belgium Brussels 2008 Embassy of Idea, Addis Ababa

2007 Faculty of Technology Addis Ababa 2005 Alem Gallery Addis Ababa

2004 Embassy of United State of America Addis Ababa

Group Exhibition

2020 UNESCO Art and ctaeaticity 2020 Africa Museum opening exhibition

2019 wild joy skoto Gallery NYC 2016 ArtEXPO May Barceloona(spain)

2014 progressive Africa Kampala Art Biennale, Uganda

2013 Skoto Art Gallery New York

2011 New York Art Expo, New York

2010 German house GIZ, Addis Ababa

2010 Ethiopic contemporary at kamplisky Hotel Djibouti

2009 Ethiopic contemporary France Paris

2009 Festival of tree History of natural museum, London

2007 Engineering tomorrow Addis Ababa Faculty of Technology, Addis Ababa

2006 University of applied art and science Schwalbach hall Germany

2005 Goehte institute - Gebrekirstos Desta Contemporary art center Addis Ababa

2004 Embassyp of Bulgaria Addis Ababa 2004 New York Art Expo, New York

2004 Alliance Ethio - Francis Addis Ababa

2004 National Museum Addis Ababa

2003 German School Addis Ababa

2002 Sheraton Addis, Addis Ababa

2001 Alliance Ethio - Francis Addis Ababa

2000 School of fine Art and Design University, Addis Ababa

2000 Asni Gallery, Addis Ababa 1999 Goethe Institute, Addis Ababa

1998 Alliance Ethio – Francis

©2021 Zerihun Seyoum