<b>clean hands one 2021,oil on canvas</b> <b>Background check |,2021
Oil in vegetable Box</b> <b>we are hiring,2021,oil in the closet</b> <b>Lucy in the sky,2021,oil in closet</b> <b>Clean Hands ,2021,oil in tomato pesto box</b> <b>History one o one ,2021, Mixed Media and charcoal drowning in sofa BOX</b> <b>untitled2021,acrylic on canvas</b> <b>self portrait 2021,oil on pizza box</b> <b>Painting VI ,2021Oil in plaque removal box</b> <b>Hybrid Taxi 2021,oil on canvas 48x48in</b> <b>Painting llll 2021,oil in vegetable box</b> <b>MonaLisa ll ,2021,Oil in cotton candy box</b> <b>shade ll,2021,oil in the box</b> <b>The fall, 2021 ,Oil in cucumber box</b> <b>painting lV,Oil in vegetable box ,2021</b> <b>My morning walk 2021,Oil in thevegetable box</b> <b>Fitting Room ,2021,Acrylic on pizza box</b> <b>old town,2021,oil in the soap Box<b> <b>landscape,2021 oil in the vegetable box</b> <b>Pose for painting from right to left galleries,colonialist,priest,journalist,lobbyist are presented.2021,oil in vegetable box</b> <b>school bus,2021,crayons on paper</b> <b>model i the box2021,oil in the box</b> <b>untitled face 2021,mixed media on paper</b> <b>zebra cross ||||,2021 acrylic in the box</b> <b>offline gathering ll,2021,oil pastel on paper</b> <b>visual fiction ||,2021, pastel on paper</b> <b>layers of features ll 2021 ,pastel on paper</b> <b>Zebra cross lll,2021,acrylic on canvas</b> <b>school bus ||,2021 crayon on paper</b> <b>untitled image ,2021 ,pastel on paper</b> <b>two figures lll,2021 ,please on paper</b> <b>Mather and online student</b> <br>
2021,acrylic in the box <b>Yin and yang l </b><br>
2021,acrylic in the box <b>The performer l</b><br>
2021,acrylic in the box <b>Untitled l</b> <br>
2021,pastel on paper <b>Untitled l</b><br>
2021,pastel on paper <b>Life and balance l</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas 
<b>Fashion show l</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza box 
<b>The player l</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza box <b>The player ll</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza box <b>Balance performers</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza box <b>Mythical life l</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza box <b>The prayers</b><br>
2021,acrylic in the box <b>Untitled lll</b><br>
2021,pastel on paper <b>The pose</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza boy <b>We are here</b><br>
2021, acrylic on canvas <b>American study</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza box <b>Untitled</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas <b>Offline gathering l</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas <b>Say hello for the stranger</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas <b>On the window</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas <b>The player lll</b><br>
2021,Acrylic on canva <b>The player llll</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas <b>Under the table</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas <b>Pool party l</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas <b>Child pose</b><br>
2021,acrylic in the box <b>Pool party ll</b><br>
2021,Acrylic on canvas <b>Self check</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas <b>Searching the vein</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas <b>Untitled war</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas <b>Missing l</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza box <b>Introduction ll</b><br>
2021, acrylic on canvas <b>Tied figures</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza box <b>Worker’s</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza box

<b>Tied figure l</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas <b>The dog walker</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza box <b>Landing on the snow</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza box <b>Untitled llll</b><br>
2021, acrylic on pizza box <b>The ballerina</b><br>
2016,acrylic on canvas <b>Tide figures llll</b><br>
2021,acrylic on canvas <b>Raising the god</b><br>
2020,watercolor on paper <b>Minimal space</b><br>
2020,acrylic on canvas <b>Stitch place</b><br>2015,oil on canvas <b>The last kiss</b></br>
2008,oil on canvas <b>The Red Carpet</b><br>
2012,oil on canvas <b>UNISCO</b><br>
Mask art project <b>Before and after</b><br>
2014,acrylic on canvas <b>Before and after l</b><br>
2014,acrylic on canvas <b>Under construction</b><br>
2015,oil on canvas <b>Traffic jams</b><br>
2015,oil on canvas <b>The strip club</b><br>
2014,oil on canvas <b>The two figure ll</b><br>
2012,mixed media on canvas <b>Evening class</b><br>
2014,oil on canvas <b>The secret society</b><br>
2021,acrylic in the box <b>Think inside the box</b><br>
2021,acrylic on pizza box <b>Ballerina ll</b><br>
2017,oil on canvas <b>Introduction lll</b><br>
2021,oil acrylic on canvas <b>The farmer</b><br>
2013,oil on canvas <b>Home work l</b><br>
2021,acrylic in the box
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